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The main developmental focuses are related to medical and health administration. Our teaching objective is to “cultivate personnel with humanistic qualities and professional skills in the medical and health administration industry.” The department has two major modules, the (1) smart health administration module and the (2) institution management and administration module (including medical and long-term care institutions). We also focus on developing long-term care management with the regional characteristics of Eastern Taiwan. This is expanded to areas of future societal needs in Taiwan, such as medical care tourism, preventive medicine and health promotion, and smart living. Furthermore, the department emphasizes applying advanced information technology (e.g., wearable devices, Internet of Things, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud services) to health service administration. The aim is to create unique characteristics in the department and enhance the competitiveness of our students.

I. The teaching goals of our department: 
Cultivate personnel with humanistic qualities and professional skills in the medical and health industry.
1. Cultivation goals:
(1) Cultivate students’ ability to construct practical projects and engage in analytical thinking.
(2) Cultivate students with expertise in medical administration and smart health management.
(3) Cultivate students’ international perspective and interdisciplinary expertise.
(4) Cultivate students’ practical ability and employability in the medical and health industry.
(5) Cultivate students with humanistic literacy, love, and gratitude

2. Professional modules for student development
(1) Smart health administration module
(2) Institutional management and administration module (medical and long-term care institutions)

University-level educational goals:
1. With a teaching philosophy focusing on professionalism and humanity, the university cultivates students with both professional skills and humanistic literacy.
2. The university cultivates students with qualities of “gratefulness,” “respect for life,” and “care for society.”
3. The department emphasizes life and character education. Specifically, we encourage students to respect their teachers, have filial piety, and be friendly to peers with appropriate etiquette. The goal is to inspire virtue among students and having a good conscience, thereby helping them live real, virtuous, and beautiful lives.

Basic qualities of holistic education:
1. Social conscience and ethical practices
2. Teamwork and communication
3. Science-related professionalism and humanistic qualities
4. Independent learning and knowledge exploration
5. Media information and aesthetic creativity
6. Multilingualism and an international perspective

Cultivation goals of the college:
Cultivate management and information application personnel with humanistic qualities and practical skills Core abilities fostered in the college
1. Love, care, and ethical literacy.
2. Management and information application
3. Practical analysis and problem-solving
4. Interpersonal communication and teamwork

Core abilities fostered in the Department of Health Administration
1.Language and interpersonal communication
2. Medical administration knowledge and practical skills
3. IT in health management knowledge and interdisciplinary practical skills
4. Humanistic care and practical service skills
5. Organization and integration skills
6. Teamwork and coordination skills