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For the purpose of professional training, a practicum laboratory, an advanced computer classroom, a seminar classroom and related computer softwares (i.e. SPSS、Internet Explorer, Windows System, Microsoft Office,Database and Photo Impact) are available for students of Health Administration. We will continuously update the computer facilities such as PCs, notebooks, LCD projectors and cameras, and expect to provide all the staff in the department with the latest information resources.

Health Administration Seminar Classroom

The library, an artistically-designed six-story building, contains more than 189,661 volumes of books on related areas, over 11,111 current periodicals, and about 20,405 audio/visual items, and 1,251 sets of microfilms. The total collection approximates 150,000 pieces. The automated cataloging system is equipped with 21 electrome databases, internet connections and campus intranet. The opening hours are from Monday through Sunday, including the evening hours.

Health Care Management Information Center

The teaching buildings are multi-functional. Many general classrooms are respectively equipped with an overhead projector and a slide projector. Other specialized rooms include a faculty computer center, a multi-media computer room, a media production studio, a music chamber, experimental nursery school rooms, a fine arts classroom, a dance classroom, a flower arranging room, a tea ceremony room, a Zen meditation room, and a Buddhist shrine.

Health Care Management Seminar Classroom

Athletic facilities include a modern outdoor synthetic running track, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, pool tables, ping pong tables, and a physical fitness weight training room.

The Simulative Classroom of Health Administration


Multi-Functional and Electronic Classroom
Interactive Lecture Room


Library of department